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Dhampure Brown Sugar 500 GM


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Dhampur Brown Sugar is a pale to golden yellow sugar which is not only healthy but also very appetizing appealing. Its crunchy texture pure natural shining crystals make a healthful substitute for ordinary table sugar.

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Reason for this is over- consumption of refined products like refined sugars, refined oils, refined salt. It is therefore vital to consume less processed, more natural nutritious products such as the healthy wholesome Demerara Sugar. The distinctive flavor and crunchy texture of Dhampur Brown Sugar makes it ideal for hot/ cold beverages, sprinkling on cereals, glazing hams, or as a topping on cakes and cookies. It is the perfect choice for biscuits, this crunchy brown sugar provides that extra flavor, color texture to the finished product. It is best suited for use in moist crumbles, gingerbread, coffee or chocolate cakes, fudge, BBQ sauces, marinades, cheesecake bases where its traditional flavor color give perfect results every time

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